new desk art

new desk art

I am so proud of the work my team did to produce these cards. Well done!

Amanda: Gateway & Berlin; Brittany: Netherlands & Brazil; Paul: Breakthrough & East Asia; Kyle: Ecuador & Fiji; myself: Slovenia, & Montenegro.

Operations Team


Yesterday, the entire ops team went on a team fun day. Mini-golf, lunch and a movie made for a great day!

Back row: Betsy, Susan, Rene, Ryan, Keith, Steve, Karen, and Ross. Front row: Doug, Darla, me, Ben, Brittany, Amanda, Sean, Paul and Emily.

giant heads


These giant heads, left over from the IndyCC NYE party, have turned up in our office providing much hilarity throughout the day. The funniest moment was this afternoon. Dwight was sitting at Paul’s desk staring at us all. Paul looks over at Dwight and asks, “So what do you think?”

building an airplane

the team

drawing an airplane

The task: imagine our very own airplane. It could be a little two-seater Cessna or a jumbo jet. My team had a great time coming up with what would make the best airplane for us…to the point of completely defying physics. But what fun would it be if we couldn’t?

the team

The designers: Paul, Steve, Ryan, Brittany, Amanda and myself.

the airplane

Some of my favorite features: an artist area, a multi screen/hologram media deck with movies/tv/videogames/computer coding stuff, a professional-grade kitchen, S.A.R.A.H. the smart house from “Eureka”, ball pit, spiral staircase and slide, an on the wing observation skywalk, hottub and best of all Bono is the pilot.


I am very excited to welcome Ann & Andrew to our team today! They raised 100% of the funds they needed and arrived!

We ate well at He Ourney for lunch. What’s up with those colors?!? Even with bad design, The Journey is yummy and we will go back. :)

silly rabbit, trix are for kids

I am officially back at work. We kicked off the school year with an off site meeting, a time to spend getting to know new people joining the team and reconnecting with why we do what we do. Here are: Doug, Steve, Keith, Ryan, Jeff, Ben, Betsy, Emily, Michelle, Lauren and me.

(Trying out my off-camera flash again. Not sure if the shadows work, but my flash just didn’t have the power to bright the room and bounce for softer light.)