I have been enjoying this week at our wives conference. I also enjoyed this fantastic pizza at Napolese, a local pizzeria. I ordered the Clifford’s Ball with cider braised brisket, kale, jowl bacon and provolone cheese.

veggie pizza

I am not usually all that excited about veggie pizza. But after taking pictures of Zoe on Friday, we ordered two pizza from Bazbeaux’s, a local hangout. But when veggie pizza comes loaded with artichokes, olives and giant dollops of ricotta cheese, I am all in!

favorite pizza, ever

My very favorite pizza is here in Fort Collins. Beau Jo’s mountain pies are the best! They take a second piece of dough and wrap it around to create a giant edge crust. Then they serve it with honey so the crust is like dessert! yummy yum yum!

Taken with my iphone.

grilled pizza

We made Cook’s Illustrated fabulous grilled pizza for dinner. We liked it so much, we made it twice! I am sad we won’t have a grill for most of the summer, cause I want to make it again! It was pretty easy too. The dough is made in a food processor. You roll it out and throw it on the grill. It doesn’t stick at all! After you have nice grill marks, take it off and brush with garlic oil. Add cheese and tomatoes and grill again to melt the cheese. Man, I want some now!



My favorite pizza in the world is here in Ft. Collins, Colorado at Beau Jo’s. It is the mountain pie and it has a second crust around the edge. You eat the inside, and then take the edge, pour honey on it and eat it as dessert. yum!