Sarah and I had a good time taking some new pictures for her brochure. We messed around with my off-camera flash for a little while. I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t getting what I knew I should be able to get. So after fiddling with the settings, I finally got this! Hooray!

moonbeams, fireflies & mosquito bites

With fireflies lighting up fields and forests as the sun sets, I was excited to get out to try to get a picture. I went to a little farm church next to a cemetery to set up my camera and tripod. There were quite a few fireflies, but not tons. They were fun to watch but I wasn’t having any success getting a picture. Hence the moon shot. I returned home disappointed and itching. The mosquitoes had a meal out of me and I had bites everywhere. ouchie! Next time I will be sure to bring the mosquito spray!

all is (not) calm

It may look calm on the outside, but it has been a little crazy here on the inside.

Photo note: 30 second exposure at f22. The snow looks a little yellow because of the street light behind the camera. And the lights in the windows are not that wonderful orange glow because we switched our lightbulbs to CFLs. :( Oh well.

I had to include this photo, cause I think it is so unusual. I fired the flash during the 30 second exposure to capture the snow blowing by. Made a cool effect.