good neighbors


With 8 inches of snow in 8 hours, we are thankful for good neighbors like Barry who blew out our driveway (much to the delight of all the neighbor kids) and Guy who has already shoveled our walk twice.

Going for a walk


Our neighbors are out of town for the 4th, so we are on deck to help take care of Izzy the dog. Izzy is so sweet and easy going. As I took her out this afternoon, I realized this was the first time I had ever walked a dog!

Originally posted on instagram, where a hilarious conversation between my neighbors ensued.

great neighbors

Have I mentioned what great neighbors we have? Guy and Jason spread 3 cubic yards of mulch in our yard today. That’s A LOT of MULCH! With John’s broken ankle, we considered not doing this at all. But great neighbors stepped in and took care of it for us! We are so thankful and grateful! You guys are great!