picket fence

It’s been hot. It’s summer, big surprize! Actually, the big surprise is that it hasn’t been humid. It hasn’t rained in a month, but it also hasn’t been humid. That being the case makes us actually want to go out for a walk in the evening.


I can finally post this photo! I took it on January 1 for my friend Amy’s birthday.

Here’s the story:

My friend, Amy, had a birthday recently. Her husband is extraordinarily clever and decided to involve her friends in a fun gift. She gets a puzzle with her friends pictures on it of them dressed in a red snuggie. After she puts the puzzle together, she will get a snuggie too. So we each got snuggies and are involved in her birthday. Makes me laugh. So here is my contribution to her birthday puzzle.

Dodgers vs Brewers


Check that lens flare! :)


Everyone booed Manny Ramirez. We had some great seats though!


Everyone stood and cheered during the sausage race. Chorizo won! (the line is from the protective glass. I didn’t bother taking time in Photoshop to remove it.)


Brewers lost, but it was such a great game!