Superbowl Village

The Superbowl Village festivities in downtown Indianapolis are quite amazing. It sounds like this week has been like no superbowl before, and I am so proud of Indianapolis to do such a great job. Amazing weather aside (60 degrees in February!), Indianapolis has closed streets, created pedestrian zones, and rolled out the red carpet for the big game. From top left to right,

  1. Superbowl Experience and people flying down the zipline.
  2. Zooming by St. John the Evangelist Church downtown.
  3. Giants vs Patriots. Excellent signage, design and branding is found throughout the village.
  4. Downtown streets are renamed after NFL teams. Georgia Street, the main village area, of course, belongs to the Colts.
  5. Zipline
  6. Me standing on AstroTurf.
  7. More great signage.
  8. Monument Circle, the heart of downtown Indianapolis with giant XLVI.
  9. The Lombardi Trophy on the JW Marriott
  10. Lots of people on Maryland Street under the zipline.
  11. Browns Street (in honor of my husband!)
  12. Bands play at two different stages throughout the week.
  13. Reporters and celebrities are here to talk about the game.
  14. Football fields are outside with games for the kids.
  15. XLVI at the Westin
  16. Lots of people are out to enjoy the beautiful weather on Friday afternoon.

frozen lavender

Snowpacalypse has hit the midwest. One of the largest, craziest storms in history. It rained ice all evening last night. This morning, during a small break in the ice storm, I ventured outside. Everything is covered with ice. It looks like snow on the ground, but instead it is ice pellets fused together into one giant sheet. Every plant, blade of grass, even the windows are completely covered in ice.