Penguin Party

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Happy birthday to the bestest husband! Sarah’s idea of a penguin party was perfect and so much fun! Sarah brought the decorations and the Strandts brought ceasar salad. I have never laughed so much while decorating for a party. John was sent out to grill the chicken while Rachel, Sarah and I put up the streamers and 12 blow-up penguins.

Secret Santa

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It’s an early Christmas for our weekly Framily night. We exchanged names and gifts. John got a memory card for his Pono player from Ryan. Ryan got grill supplies from me. Sarah got a lovely key/new house ornament from Rachel. I got Tardis Tea from Sarah. Rachel got a sushi making kit from John.

No bread


At Staff Conference every year, we sit with our friends and have a nice dinner together. John uses his woo to get us drink refills and more bread. Since John wasn’t there this year, Rachel tried her best to get more bread. It didn’t work.