I am proud to say I finished the Bonhoeffer biography. I found it inspiring, educational and challenging. I encourage everyone to read about a man who learned well, lived out his faith well, and died well amidst very difficult circumstances.

4 years, 4 books

I am really proud of the fact that I have been doing a photo-a-day for 4, going on 5 years. I love the blog interactions and sharing my life with friends. The next step beyond the blog is being able to save the posts and photos and comments into a more permanent form–books. is my preferred bookmaker. (This is an affiliate link. I get a small commission if you buy through this link.) They have great features including being able to slurp my blog posts, photos and comments and put them into a book automatically. (If you comment on the blog, you are recorded for posterity too!) Then, I just customize pages, make minor tweaks and am done. I love paging through the memories and having 4 full years of my life to continue to share!

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new projects


I won this book over at Curious Bird and it arrived today. I’ll be the first to say that quilty clothes doesn’t usually appeal to me, but the projects in here look so CUTE! I am taking a sabbatical this summer, so I am going to see what it will take for me to make something from the book. :) Lookout sewing world, here I come!

book fun


Our friend Sam, here, got something fun in the mail today. We made a surprise book for John with lots of funny pictures of Sam in it. John was so surprised! He laughed out loud hard. It is amazing what you can do with your digital pictures nowadays!

The book is a day in the life of Sam a penguin who lives with us. He eats breakfast, goes to work, plays on the internet, all the things little penguins living in Indiana like to do. :)



Remember the days of the card catalog? My recent trip to the library reminded me of those times. I checked out an older book with the little card holder still left in the front flap. Remember when librarians with their stamp pounding out due dates in the front or back of books, searching for books via subject, author or title in rows upon rows of little index cards… Now it is all about computers and little bar codes. My, how times have changed.