crazy pitch


First off, it is hard to pitch and take a photo at the same time! Here is my niece trying to get a hit off my crazy throws. She did hit the next one. My nephew Alex is in the outfield-cul-de-sac.

Twins Game

Target Field Panorama

After watching the Brewers last night, John and I drove to Minneapolis to catch a Twins Game.

Legacy Club Target Field

John got us great seats off StubHub that were tied to the Delta Legacy Club. So we had air conditioned food options, and great seats behind home plate. The air conditioning made for a great break from the extreme heat we’ve been having all week.

Target Field, Minneapolis


It’s that time of year again. Time for the 3-time fantasy baseball champion to begin his research for the upcoming draft. Yes, 3-TIME CHAMP! Last year, John won all 3 of the fantasy leagues he was a part of. Wow. That’s a lot of research.

Cubbies Win!

John went a little crazy and drove me up to Chicago to Wrigley Field. We watched the Cubbies win over the Phillies 11-6. We saw 3 home runs, including Geovany Soto in the photo that John took. Go Cubs!