You gotta love doing laundry at the laundromat. Getting 4 or more loads done in about 2 hours is pretty great!

staying warm

We woke up this morning without heat. A part on our furnace broke. Several hundred dollars later, we have heat again! But not before we bundled up, ate oatmeal and hot tea for breakfast, and cleaned the oven to help keep the house warm.

blowing in the wind?


My mother-in-law made a beautiful quilt for us with reproductions of 30s style fabric. I wanted a shot of the quintessential quilt blowing in the wind on the laundry line. But I don’t have a laundry line, and it is just cold and rainy outside anyways, so my foot takes the place of the wind. Which leaves the other foot just standing there… I could photoshop it out, but it makes me laugh.

mini galore



Took the Mini in to get the regular oil change, and got to check out the new dealership. There were A LOT of minis in the parking lot. They also had a classic British mini in the store. Very cool. Gotta love that classic mini logo too.


the new fish





I finally got some new fish into the big tank. They are great–very social, energetic and happy.

I am again looking for names for the fish. There are only 4, so I think I can count on you folks out there to help me out. Got some good suggestions?