great neighbors

Have I mentioned what great neighbors we have? Guy and Jason spread 3 cubic yards of mulch in our yard today. That’s A LOT of MULCH! With John’s broken ankle, we considered not doing this at all. But great neighbors stepped in and took care of it for us! We are so thankful and grateful! You guys are great!


We celebrated John’s birthday with homemade cupcakes and an open house party. Expecting around 40 people, I ended up baking 100 cupcakes with 5 different flavors—chocolate with mocha frosting, yellow with cherry frosting, chocolate with peanut butter frosting, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and dark chocolate with vanilla frosting. Yeah. They were good.


We recently rearranged some furniture in our house. The bed in our office was spun around leaving great light shining in on the elephant my aunt made and the quilt my grandmother made. He looks sad, but the room makes me happy!

fall decor

Fall has finally begun to arrive. The days of 90 degrees are over and I am thankful for that. With that comes fall decorating. I made these fall leaves out of wool last year. They make great coasters!


August ended as the driest month in Indiana history. It has been so hot and so dry the grass has gone completely dormant. We didn’t bother to try to water all month because it was so hot, it wasn’t even worth it. We shall see how long it will take for it to green up from here.

wall art

Just added a new decorating piece to our dining room. It’s been a work in progress for quite awhile, at least in my brain. We bought these frames at Kohl’s after Thanksgiving last year for around $10 each. They sat empty, waiting to be filled. I kept going back and forth on what I wanted to fill the 4×6 frames. I was concerned with having too many little pictures that then couldn’t be a part of the whole. I finally found some fabric I liked that I thought could work. I deliberated on it for about a month and finally bought it last week. I loved the panels of fabric and the birds. The color was a little light, so I ended up scanning the fabric, darkening it in Photoshop and printing it out big. Then I cut the sheets down to fit the frame sizes. I love the finished look! All told, I spent $30 for frames, $10 for fabric, & $3 for prints! Quite cheap for something so large!