too much ketchup

After saying goodbye to Andrew and Ann, I got to spend a few hours being shown around Muncie, Indiana by none other than Elmar. I worked with Elmar for a year and now he is pursuing a PhD at Ball State. Good times!

long distance

Today, we visited with Dennis and Lori, longtime friends of mine from Alaska! They were visiting their beautiful granddaughters in Colorado Springs. It was so great to see them and catch up. They partner with us in our ministry and needless to say it is difficult to get up to Alaska very often, so when friends are nearby, we are thrilled to visit.

great neighbors

Have I mentioned what great neighbors we have? Guy and Jason spread 3 cubic yards of mulch in our yard today. That’s A LOT of MULCH! With John’s broken ankle, we considered not doing this at all. But great neighbors stepped in and took care of it for us! We are so thankful and grateful! You guys are great!

Kasie and the baby

I did my first maternity shoot today. SO MUCH FUN! Kasie and Chris are from our small group at church, and I was excited when they asked me to take some pictures. Turns out I am thankful for the rain and the slight flooding of a field near their house. LOVE THIS!

beautiful friends

I’m at a conference for wives this week. I offered to take some portraits of people during the free time. I love this one of Jessi, Mandi and Debbie. I didn’t have to do anything as far as posing, I just snapped away.