moonbeams, fireflies & mosquito bites

With fireflies lighting up fields and forests as the sun sets, I was excited to get out to try to get a picture. I went to a little farm church next to a cemetery to set up my camera and tripod. There were quite a few fireflies, but not tons. They were fun to watch but I wasn’t having any success getting a picture. Hence the moon shot. I returned home disappointed and itching. The mosquitoes had a meal out of me and I had bites everywhere. ouchie! Next time I will be sure to bring the mosquito spray!

wall art

Just added a new decorating piece to our dining room. It’s been a work in progress for quite awhile, at least in my brain. We bought these frames at Kohl’s after Thanksgiving last year for around $10 each. They sat empty, waiting to be filled. I kept going back and forth on what I wanted to fill the 4×6 frames. I was concerned with having too many little pictures that then couldn’t be a part of the whole. I finally found some fabric I liked that I thought could work. I deliberated on it for about a month and finally bought it last week. I loved the panels of fabric and the birds. The color was a little light, so I ended up scanning the fabric, darkening it in Photoshop and printing it out big. Then I cut the sheets down to fit the frame sizes. I love the finished look! All told, I spent $30 for frames, $10 for fabric, & $3 for prints! Quite cheap for something so large!

not just pencils but victory!

Just finished day 1 of Zack Arias’ CreativeLIVE studio lighting workshop online. I FINALLY understand how to use my flash and how to get the proper exposure! 5 minutes after the workshop ended, I grabbed my camera and flash and took this picture. Nice, right? What you don’t see is the fact that I took it sitting in the dark and this is the result without any post-processing! YAY!

old school challenge

I tried out Scott Kelby’s Old School Photo Challenge today. Basically, pretend your digital camera is an old school film camera. No peeking at the photo on the screen, no changing ISO, shoot an entire “roll” of film, then wait 24 hours to have it “developed”, and finally, make a print.

Here is the original photo, straight out of the camera:

I like the texture of the leaves and the rain drops, but the green is pretty distracting. The texture is much more effective in black and white. I’ll make a print tomorrow.