I wrapped Emily up in Christmas lights for her Christmas picture! She was such a good sport and it was fun to take her picture during lunch today.

It takes a village…

Lauren has been put in charge of atmosphere for our fall staff conference happening this weekend. She, along with a few other folks, has spent quite a bit of time over the last two weeks building these houses to decorate the stage. I can’t wait to see what it looks like all put together. The houses even light up! She has been joking about it being her village and that Godzilla (or a giant mole) will end up showing up at the end of the conference to destroy the town.

Merry Christmas, Lauren!

Lauren, on the right, asked me to take a photo of her for her Christmas card. And what’s a Christmas card photo without Christmas lights?!? Michelle wanted to get in on the photo as well, so Andrew is stuck trying to hold the lights up by himself. Hilarious!

Here’s the real photo. :)


I am very excited to welcome Ann & Andrew to our team today! They raised 100% of the funds they needed and arrived!

We ate well at He Ourney for lunch. What’s up with those colors?!? Even with bad design, The Journey is yummy and we will go back. :)

We celebrated Emily’s birthday today! She invited a group from work out to tea at a lovely tea shop in Noblesville. We all dressed up and they provided hats. Betsy wore her mother’s pearls and gloves and carried her handkerchief. I had a very nice salad, chicken salad sandwich, a yummy yummy scone and tea! Happy Birthday, Emily!


Sarah and I had a good time taking some new pictures for her brochure. We messed around with my off-camera flash for a little while. I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t getting what I knew I should be able to get. So after fiddling with the settings, I finally got this! Hooray!


Meet Lauren! She’s the new graphic designer on my team. I don’t think she was excited about me taking her photo, but when you have beautiful light, and a beautiful subject, who can resist?!?

silly rabbit, trix are for kids

I am officially back at work. We kicked off the school year with an off site meeting, a time to spend getting to know new people joining the team and reconnecting with why we do what we do. Here are: Doug, Steve, Keith, Ryan, Jeff, Ben, Betsy, Emily, Michelle, Lauren and me.

(Trying out my off-camera flash again. Not sure if the shadows work, but my flash just didn’t have the power to bright the room and bounce for softer light.)