Stars of Texas


I am in Austin Texas for some work meetings. Since I arrived a day early, I spent some time exploring the state capitol and downtown Austin. There are lots of stars in the capitol!  Everything from floors, to chairs, to doorknobs, to windows had stars. The star inside the dome is 8 feet wide!!!

Rosary Plant flowers


My grandma grew this weird little plant for years. It’s called a rosary plant, or¬†Rosary Vine, or Hearts Entangled, or String of Hearts because each stem will grow heart shaped leaves with these little “beads” on them. See this photo from a few years ago. The one I had died after I didn’t water it enough, so my mom brought me another cutting this summer. I must be doing something right cause this is the first time I have ever seen it blossom! Tiny, delicate pink flowers are coming up everywhere!



We’ve had this classic red metal toolbox in the office for years. I have wanted to photograph it’s lovely colors and textures for awhile, and a when a new graphic design job came in that just called for a grungy background, I took advantage.