I was inspired by my virtual friend Debi’s photo of a peony she got for her birthday. My peonies aren’t blooming yet, but the tulips are looking good! I love her depth of field, color and light so much that I tried my best to imitate it. Thanks for inspiring me, Debi!



spring sprouts

spring hasn’t really simply sprouted. With consecutive days of record setting 80+ degrees last week, spring has more exploded! I took this picture because I loved the light shining on the leaves with the dark sky behind. As I post the picture, I just notice the rain drops coming down! Click on the picture to see it and the rain drops large.

key lime pie

Our small group from church was inspired by our office pi day competition last week. We planned our dinner and dessert tonight to revolve around pie–shepherd’s pie, spaghetti pie, chicken pot pie, as well as key lime pie and chocolate silk pie for dessert. Yumminess all around!


I got to take pictures of the precious Ella today. She is 4 weeks old but spent the first three weeks in the NICU. She is a trooper and slept through the whole photo shoot. She’s so cool, she has her own blog!