big is beautiful

Funny story: I ordered a photo to fill a frame in our bathroom. The frame is 16×24. I “click” 16×24 at shutterfly. I receive a 24×30! Whoops. Apparently, I actually clicked the wrong button. Now, I have to buy a new frame and find a place for my wonderfully large print. I call this a very happy accident. This is the largest photo I have ever seen of mine and I love it. Why have I not printed big before?!? I think I was scared about whether I would “like it enough” to be “worth the cost”, or if it would “last while on display” in our home.¬† What dumb excuses! This picture looks amazing. I liked it small and I like it even better big! I really like that shutterfly gave me a $20 gift certificate! Thank you, shutterfly. I will make another big print soon!


Had some fries with an amazing sandwich… a gourmet grilled cheese–poblano cream cheese, mild cheddar cheese, white Vermont cheddar,¬†fried egg, avocado on sourdough bread. WOW. Best sandwich I have had in a long time!