have fun at work, or else

Every year at work, we parody the Office. Here is the shot we are copying this year. Michelle is going to finish the shot and turn it into an ad for our winter conference. Last year, we copied this one. It turned out so awesome! I can’t wait to see how this year’s turns out. Thanks to Betsy for getting me in this shot!

First snow

John and I had a fabulous dinner with Lauren downtown at Weber Grill tonight. When we came outside, it was snowing BIG GIANT FLAKES! Love it! No accumulation, in fact one hour later the skies were completely clear.

continuing to love Japan

My friend Sarah and I went to an awesome fundraiser today. Benefiting Ashinaga, a Tokyo based non-for-profit organization, which plans to build a Rainbow House in Sendai, will provide day-to-day and long term psychosocial, financial and educational support children who lost one or both parents in the March 11, 2011 Tsunami. The fun part about the fundraiser was all the great activities. We got to make origami, created a snowflake card using the Japanese art called Kirigami, and learned how to wrap a gift with fabric, called Furoshiki, and learned some Japanese calligraphy. Above, Kaori paints the character for love.

We also learned that the devastation in Japan is nowhere near being over. Areas destroyed by the tsunami are still not cleaned up, people have still not moved back to their homes, and radiation will be a part of their lives once they do. Continue to pray for the families who are there and trying to get their lives back together. Pray for the kids who lost loved ones.