photo a day in 2011

I am entering year 4 of taking a photo every day. So far, January has been off to a slow start, at least photo wise. I have been wondering if I want to continue doing this. If I do, how do I stay inspired or continue to have creativity in the day to day? What will help me to keep going for another year? How do I continue to grow and express what God is doing in my life and in the lives of others? Lots of questions swirling round and round. The positives of the photo a day are so great. I love thinking about what kind of pictures to take next, visualizing the shot, seeing what is unique and showing that to others. All that being said, I am going to continue the photo a day. I want this year to be a challenge, for it to help me develop and grow in my skills. So I am going to try to focus mostly on portraits. I have really enjoyed showcasing the people in my life and in my ministry and I want that to continue to grow. I will still take pictures of other things too, but I want to try to focus mostly on people.

Here’s to another year! Be prepared, cause I’ll ask to take your picture!


PS. If you are doing a photo a day this year, I will link to your site! Leave a comment with a link to your site. :)