monster creators

The ZeroCanvas team is being creative. The assignment: pair up, and draw a monster together on the paper, without lifting your marker or talking. And like the best pictures, we chose to display them on the fridge. :)  Click on the picture to embiggen.

scavenger hunt

As a surprise creative activity, I took the team to the Central Library downtown. The assignment: a photo scavenger hunt. Take pictures that express the following:

  • passion
  • gross
  • overused
  • brave
  • pressure
  • smelly
  • this isn’t going to go well
  • no one will know
  • scary
  • victory

Can you guess which one goes with which?

staying warm

We woke up this morning without heat. A part on our furnace broke. Several hundred dollars later, we have heat again! But not before we bundled up, ate oatmeal and hot tea for breakfast, and cleaned the oven to help keep the house warm.

light party

John is in Dallas for work so I’ve been on my own this weekend. That means I spent the evening playing around with my off camera flash.