mmmm. Shrimp

We found the perfect recipe for grilled shrimp! Cook’s Illustrated told me to put them on skewers, grill then take them off skews and put them in a pan of melted butter, garlic and lemon juice. Oh yeah. That worked–best shrimp ever!

Grilled stuffed pork

I love hosting my team for dinner. It is my chance to appreciate them and thank them for their hard work for the Lord.

This time, I had a harvest theme for my menu. Grilled/smoked pork loin stuffed with dried apples, craisins, and apple cider. Grilled red potatoes with garlic and rosemary. Green salad with apple, blue cheese, craisins, and apple cider vinaigrette.  And for dessert, pumpkin whoopie pies. It made for a great dinner and dessert! I prepped the dessert, pork, and potatoes the night before then John threw them on the grill before the guests arrived.


John’s parents have blessed us with some of their furniture. We drove to Cleveland, packed it up into the rental truck and drove back home a day later. Such a whirlwind, but we are grateful for the blessings. The drive home was beautiful!

quiet wild moments

Nancy and Glen are such great parent, loving their four children, each in a special way. I am sure it takes a lot to handle a big family, but these two are doing a great job! I love this quiet moment contrasted by the wild one in the background.