I have had this shirt and skirt for about 5 years. Thought adding a belt would modernize the outfit a little. Too bad I couldn’t find one. I did find this ribbon in my drawer though. I don’t know why I had ribbon in my drawer in the first place, but it was the perfect size for a belt!

lemonade stand

Our little neighbor has decided to be an entrepreneur opening his first lemonade stand! A cool glass on an extra hot day was well worth my dime.

BSG finale

When Michelle and I met, we bonded over our love for Sci-Fi. Over the last two years, we have watched four seasons of Battlestar Galactica. Tonight, we saw the finale! It’s been a great show and a good time to hang out! Thanks, Michelle!


Meet Lauren! She’s the new graphic designer on my team. I don’t think she was excited about me taking her photo, but when you have beautiful light, and a beautiful subject, who can resist?!?

silly rabbit, trix are for kids

I am officially back at work. We kicked off the school year with an off site meeting, a time to spend getting to know new people joining the team and reconnecting with why we do what we do. Here are: Doug, Steve, Keith, Ryan, Jeff, Ben, Betsy, Emily, Michelle, Lauren and me.

(Trying out my off-camera flash again. Not sure if the shadows work, but my flash just didn’t have the power to bright the room and bounce for softer light.)

10 years

10 years ago today, I married a wonderful Godly man, John. We have been through a lot in these 10 years so far–many highs and many lows. It is to God’s credit alone that we are here, we are happy, we are joyous and we are anticipating what the next 10 (and many many more) will look like. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9.

Canada, eh!

Many of you know about Sam and Fred, two little penguins who travel with us sometimes. They were super excited to see Niagara Falls today.

They also watched the Toronto Blue Jays game. Quite the vacation for two little penguins!

Niagara Falls

Horseshoe Falls, Canada

Today we sailed on the Maid of the Mist, journeyed under the falls, and saw Niagara’s Fury. It is a such a beautiful place! I took tons of great pictures and could barely decide which to share.


For our 10th anniversary, John proposed celebrating in Niagara Falls! So here we are, in a restaurant overlooking the falls illuminated with lights celebrating with double chocolate brownie. Yum.