blast from the past

We are spending a few days on vacation! yipee! Nothing too extravagant. We drove to Pittsburgh yesterday and today visited Altoona. John’s great great Aunt lived there and his family would visit her during the summer in the 70s and early 80s. John remembered the area where she lived so we drove up and down a few streets and using this picture found her old house. It’s changed a little since those days and has certainly grown older. We knocked on the door, but no one was home.

4 thoughts on “blast from the past

  1. Oh my gosh!!! Last time I was past there (it was probably 15 years ago)it looked like a little doll house (I have pictures) — doesn’t look like it has been touched since then. Many, many WONDERFUL memories of Aunt Elsie (and the house) — we still relive and talk about many of them! She was such an inspiration and now a precious memory!! Kristin I love all of your pictures!!!

  2. It’s like a family reunion here on the blog! Aunt Elsie must have been a wonderful person with so many people having such great memories. Alana, I’m glad you like the pictures!

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