all is (not) calm

It may look calm on the outside, but it has been a little crazy here on the inside.

Photo note: 30 second exposure at f22. The snow looks a little yellow because of the street light behind the camera. And the lights in the windows are not that wonderful orange glow because we switched our lightbulbs to CFLs. :( Oh well.

I had to include this photo, cause I think it is so unusual. I fired the flash during the 30 second exposure to capture the snow blowing by. Made a cool effect.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for visiting and being a part of my life this year. I love getting to share these moments with each of you. I hope that God blesses you this Christmas and that you have experienced a bigger view of him in these pictures.


This is just about everyone at the Great Lakes Regional HQ of Campus Crusade for Christ. It is such an honor to serve God with each of them. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thanks to Marie for taking the picture!

Monday night

Monday nights have us meeting with friends from church in a Life Together group. Most of our group was here to go out for a weekly dinner during Advent.

Angela, John, Jessie, Chris, Cassie, Angie, Isaac & PJ.

Ben & his family

I love the little bit of drool. I wouldn’t let anyone wipe it away until I got a picture.

Isn’t Kate beautiful!

What a wonderful family! Congratulations, Paul & Kate! It was a joy to take your picture and celebrate Ben. Thanks.