These promo pieces for IndyCC were designed by students this summer working in our office. I loved the repetition of the layout as our team packaged up the postcards to go to campuses.



Our team spent a day thinking and brainstorming about recruiting people to use their skills in ministry with us. It is quite the job, and 5 hours later, we made good progress. Thanks to John for taking this picture!

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:37-38.

oh yeah, U2 in Chicago


John and I had a blast with our friends from church, PJ and Eric going to see U2 at the opening performance of the US tour. We drove up and had lunch/dinner at an Irish pub, of course. Then headed over to Soldier Field. We had general admission tickets, which meant standing on the field for the entire concert. And it was quite a show. The stage alone was incredible. And the music was excellent.

Since you can’t bring in big cameras, we took pictures on John’s phone. Not the best quality perhaps, but it gives you our view of the show!



The stage is HUGE! Takes up about a third of the football field and literally reaches to the sky. Read more here.


There is The Edge on the left, Adam Clayton on the right, Larry in the middle. Those bridges spun around the stage to an outer circle stage. The big circle jumbo-tron thing are led lights that have the entire show and video and light effects on it.


Bono in the spotlight.


Then the center LED screens expand and drop down! Can’t even describe in words how cool this is.


All the lads there on stage.


Those images of the band spun around the screens really fast.


A LOT of fans!

new glasses


I got new glasses a couple of weeks ago. But I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to take a picture. I spent under $100 for all three pair! I bought them online, which wasn’t always easy, but I do like what I ended up with.